Wounded Warriors Day – After Action Report

After weeks of worry and concern about weather, Wounded Warriors Day at Oyama Zipline and Adventure Park dawned sunny and welcoming. And welcoming it was. And thanks to all of the preparation and planning by Jenn Madsen, we were ready for whatever came our way. Of course, there was the concern that nobody would come, despite all the hard work.

As soon as the park opened, all of our concerns were set aside. The Park was crowded from the get-go and didn’t slow down!

This day would not have been possible without the support of so many people. I would like to extend my thanks to:

Christine Turpin with Creative Works by Christine. The kudos for Christine didn’t stop all day long. Lots for very happy kids – of all ages!

The cadets and officers of 223 Red Lion Squadron Air Cadets marched their Colours into the park for our official opening. Thanks for your help with the set up and throughout the day.

Leif Scott with Sun Valley Bicycle Repair. Although he wasn’t very busy through the day, Leif won the 50/50 draw and promptly bumped it up to $500 and donated to my BBR campaign! Thank you Leif!

Beacon’s Furry Foundation for making up the special fuzzy friends with the Oyama Zipline and Wounded Warriors Canada T-Shirts. Especially, the one that Jenn bought for me. Pictures of Victoria will be showing up all over – she’s coming to BBR with me.

Canadian Blood Services Kelowna Plasma Donation Centre for promoting Oyama Zipline and Wounded Warriors Day for the month of May.

The Oyama Fire Hall Staff who brought their truck up for demonstrations and who cooked up lunch on the barbeque.

I would also like to extend my thanks to our local Member of Parliament, Tracy Gray, and Lake Country Mayor, James Baker, for taking time out to come and visit. Saturday was an extremely busy day for both of them with many stops.

So, time to cut to the chase. Jenn and Peter donated all of the revenue from the day. They covered all costs related to operations, staff, etc. This was an amazingly generous gift. Final total for the day was — ready for this —


All of that was donated to Wounded Warriors Canada through my Battlefield Bike Ride campaign. So, as I sit here at the Kelowna Airport waiting to start my trip to Europe, my campaign total sits at $15,000. That is $15,000 (and still counting) going towards the great work that WWC does to support our veterans and first responders who suffer from operational stress injuries as a result of the work that they do to serve and protect us.

Watch this space for details for Wounded Warriors Day 2023!

Honour the Fallen; Help The Living

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