Breaking of the Sword

Today marks 100 days before the start of the Battlefield Bike Ride: 100 Days to Victory. As I was planning my posts, I wanted something special for this day. While doing research for an upcoming post on the Battle of Vimy Ridge, I came across this powerful song and video. The song, entitled Breaking of the Sword, was written and performed by Loreena McKennitt. She was inspired during her participation at The Canadian National Vimy Memorial for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge where she experienced a palpable sense of profound loss.

“When I looked at Canada Bereft with her head bowed in grief, I found it so moving and powerful,” says McKennitt. “When you lose a child, that unimaginable loss and longing is felt the world over. It transcends borders and cultures and time itself.”

Breaking of the Sword by Loreena McKennitt

If you are interested, the lyrics of Breaking of the Sword are available at lyrics.

I will be publishing a full post dedicated to the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the Canadian National Vimy Memorial on 9 April 2022 on the 105th anniversary of the battle.

Honour the Fallen, Help the Living

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